Real Cougars It’s Time To Stand Up And Be Counted

Okay, I’m mad – enough is enough.  We have been standing silent in the shadows for too long,  It’s time to stand up and let the world Breakfastknow who we really are and what we stand for.

The Rock and Roll Morning Show on KOMP in Las Vegas is having their own version of March Madness.  They are calling it MILF Madness, looking for 64 as they put it, hot women.  These guys, at least I hope they are guys, are dilusional when they say they couldn’t be happier to be promoting this worthy endeavor. Someone needs to tell them what worthy actually means.

When I saw this seedy and tasteless promotion I sent them this email.

Instead of trying to find 64 women who have little or no respect for themselves, why not use March to promote something positive like finding 64 Real Cougars who are strong, confident, independent and proud to be over 40. 

In case you don’t know, MILF is a degrading term and any woman who would even acknowledge it is completely out of her mind.       

There is a huge difference between trashy and sexy. And, the consensus amongst the thousands of men and women I talk to is this.  Any woman who relies on her bling and cleavage has no clue on how to get what she is really looking for.  

So I am asking you – don’t you think it’s time to get behind what all of us Real Cougars stand for?  How are we ever going to get this positive message across if we don’t stick together?  Start by sending a quick email to this station and tell them they are way off base.  Tell them you are mad and you’re not going to take it any more.


One thought on “Real Cougars It’s Time To Stand Up And Be Counted

  1. I think as strong women over the age of 40 we need to stand up and be counted. We are no longer hidden in the shadows or the exception to the rules. We are changing the rules. We are showing women that it is no longer a bad thing to be a grown up. We are changing the face of marketing and now we should change the face of media. More and more shows are being shown that show women to be strong and sexy even beyond the age of 30. We are so much more than simply sex symbols. We are mothers, sister, lovers, and friends. We are the woman next door and lady down the street. We are the fore runners of what the 20 year old of today have to look forward to becoming. We need to voice our opinions and step up and be counted. We can no longer be the silent majority. If we do not make ourselves heard then things will not change.
    Thank you so much cougars for allowing us the opportunity to be counted. Your website informs us of things we need to change or at least sound off about.
    It is a real god send to cougars everywhere that we finally have somewhere that we can go and express ourselves and not feel like the minority anymore.

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