Real Cougars Love A Peek At Their Future

Last week I had the best astrological reading ever. Tom, was so dead-on about who I was, that it really blew my mind.  I've had my chart read before but never with such accuracy and laser-like clarity.   Actually I am still reelling from it.Astrogoloy

All of the information you receive from either an intuitive or an astrologer is meant to give you insight.  It's not necessarily anything that you already don't know about yourself, but it does tie up a lot of loose ends.  I believe the position of the planets do influence your life.  But, I also believe that ultimately you are the one who controls your own destiny.  The choices you have made and continue to make become the reality in which you are now living.

I won't share everything that Tom told me but I will tell you this.  This Real Cougar Woman journey that I am on is going to make a big difference to women everywhere.  He said "all of you women over 40 have already started to shift the paradigm". 

You and I are going to make a huge impact on how the world perceives women over 40.  I am not sure exactly how we are going to do it, but the aspect of mystery makes it that much more exciting.  All I know is this, it's my life's work and I'm here for the long haul. We are all going to learn from each other and help each other heal.

If you want to contact Tom, here is his email  Tom didn't ask me to do this but I really think he is someone special 


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