Real Cougar’s Valentine Fantasy

Cheaters Another Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching  This year why not turn this much ballyhooed commercial extravaganza into a 365 day celebration of the heart.


Women yearn for romance, understanding and tenderness and not just one day a year when it’s the expected thing to do.  Don’t we want to be loved and appreciated every day of the year?  No matter how much we might deny how important it is to be nurtured, our hearts turn to mush when that special someone shows us how much we mean to them.


And when it comes to sex, genuine caring and consideration is the greatest turn-on that there is.  This is especially true for the Real Cougar, who is a smart, self-defined, self-sufficient woman.  We don’t need or want empty, perfunctory presents thrown at us for Valentine’s Day – they just don’t work.  This is the year to let your husband, partner or lover know what you really want – and it isn’t chocolate or roses.
Here are a few of my suggestions:


Actions Speak Louder Than Words.  A cliché yes, but only because it’s true.  How about your love giving you a day – or even a week off several times throughout the year?  I don’t mean from the office necessarily, I mean from everything you do to manage things on the home front.  Women still do the lion’s share of housework, even though we work outside the home in greater numbers than men.  How about having him taking over the household duties?  Have him make dinner, do the cleaning and run the errands.  There’s an added benefit here:  he will know from first-hand experience just how valuable you are.


A Well-Placed Word Never Hurts.  Imagine waking up once a week with a beautiful hand-written note, placed by your bedside.  Or, coming back from a meeting to an email from him telling you how much – and why he loves you?  What a mid-afternoon pick-me-up that would be!


Go on a Blind Date.  I don’t mean go out with someone you’ve never met before.  This blind date is about having your mate take all the responsibility of planning the perfect day.  Letting his imagination go wild as he plans what will really make you smile. .


Never Underestimate The Healing Power of Sex.  Romance is wonderful and romance with great sex is even better.  Too many couples are putting this time to connect on the back burner.  When was the last time you made love?  And, did your toes curl or was it just ho hum?  Getting back the knock-your-socks off excitement will do wonders for your relationship.  A lot of pent up emotion can dissipate with a good roll in the hay.  Talk to your man and tell him what he can do to make it wonderful for you and then return the favor.


Making Valentine’s Day a 365 day celebration is what we all need.  It’s time to rise above all the doom and gloom and create something wonderful in 2009.  


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