Real Cougars Know It’s Not Just About Sex

Beth our Real Cougar Correspondent speaks out about sex and relationships. Beth new


Women over 40 aren't supposed to be sexy.  We are denied our claim to sexuality and often ridiculed for being the beautiful, fit and sensual beings that we are.  And, with this negative spin around aging, we have to be careful not to buy into the hype. We shouldn't let society and old fashioned thinking get in the way of who loves who.  Nobody has the right to tell us that we haven't got the right to be desirable, sexual beings at 40, 50 and 60.


At 48 I have a wonderful relationship with my younger man and it encompasses a lot more than sex.  For over two years it's been filled with love, caring, concern, all the things any good relationship is made up of.  Both  of us have never been happier.  


I love feeling sexy, and love having my younger man appreciate that in me.  It's fabulous to be 48 and having the best sex of my life.  Age has not slowed me down, if anything it's taken me to a new level of sexual satisfaction.  Sex is too important to let slip away because of something as ridiculous as another birthday.


One thought on “Real Cougars Know It’s Not Just About Sex

  1. Thank You! It is nice to be reminded that it is ok to enjoy my relationship and my sex life, because sometimes I forget and do let others put doubt into my mind. I actually allow women who have not had good sex in 10 or 15 years, and who say they don't care about sex and relationship with their men, put my fun, loving, sexy relationship down. Again, Thank You for the Reminder!

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