Ellen Barkin Real Cougar With A Bite

Ellen Barkin continues to bite back at former husband Ronald Perelman. Ellen barkin

Ellen's spokesman confirmed that she has signed on to do an HBO pilot about a woman who struggles to find her bearings after a high-profile divorce from a wealthy businessman. Obviously, the material’s right up Barkin’s alley — Perelman famously tossed her from their luxury apartment after handing her divorce papers in 2006. Barkin ended up getting $60 million from the billionaire, and raked in about another $20 million when she auctioned off jewels given to her by the mogul.

One evening when Barkin accidently bumped into Perelman with Anna Chapman, his new girlfriend, at a New York restaurant, she threw a glass of water in his face and hissed at Chapman:  "I feel sorry for you having to (bleep) him tonight." 

Shauna Cross, the woman who's writing the pilot script, describes her vision:  "You  have this character in her early 50s whose life explodes suddenly. Her nerve and life experience allows her to tell the world to go screw itself, and they love her for it." 

Welcome to the world of Real Cougars over 40!


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