Real Cougars – Year Of The Ox Promises Romance

Chinese horoscope Okay, I think we are all ready for this -  2009 will be the Year of the Cougar.  Even though in the Chinese Horoscope this is the Year of the Ox, I predict this is going to be our time to shine. Real Cougars rule!

Apparently, the Year of the Ox presents the perfect opportunity to attract new and meaningful friendships, romance and possibly even marriage.  This is encouraging news right?  And, according to the zodiac, the best time for these new beginnings is the month of May. So start preparing yourself now for a chance meeting that could blossom into a wonderful new relationship.  If you are already in a relationship you won't be left out.  Your union is going to escalate to a whole new level.

Here's more good news.  Health matters don't seem to be too much of a concern for the Ox or the Cougar this year.  Just make sure to incorporate some sort of physical activity into your routine. That's always good advice no matter what horoscope you follow.

What’s Your Animal Sign in the Chinese Zodiac?  Check it out over at Yahoo.Shine and see what else is in store for you this year..


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