Sarah Palin, Real Cougar Prowling for $11million book deal

Palin Sarah Palin may be back in Alaska, but she is not about to let go of her time in the spotlight. She has now hired a high-powered lawyer to help find her a very lucrative book deal.  I guess she feels the world hasn't heard enough about her family and her maverick opinions about religion and women's rights.  

Some news sources say Palin is seeking an $11 million advance. By comparison, Laura Bush reportedly received $2 million for her story and Hillary Clinton's 2003 bestseller, Living History, generated an $8 million advance. 

Immediately after the election, stories swirled that the telegenic Palin might be considering a TV career. Perhaps Katie Couric islooking for a co-anchor.  Don't you think they would make a great team?

In the meantime, Palin, who is halfway through her first term as Alaska's governor, kicked off her State of the State Address Thursday night in Juneau by congratulating President Obama and saying that he is in her prayers. 


2 thoughts on “Sarah Palin, Real Cougar Prowling for $11million book deal

  1. Linda! Speaking of prayers, let US pray that Sarah Palin stays on the West Coast. (And that she is praying for Obama's success and not his failure – like her very Christian buddy, Rush.) Amen. Also, I'll contribute to her $11 mil to stay away from D.C. You?

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