Orgasms and Money – Is There A Connection?

Are "gold diggers" getting a bum rap?  According to the findings of a new study, the more money a woman’s partner makes, the more orgasms that woman has. So forget the shallow stereotype of a young, beautiful woman picking an older, rich man for material interests — she could really be interested in the physical connection. Couple in bed

Researchers from Newcastle University in England are looking at data that shows a relationship between wealth and the enjoyement of sex. A Chinese Health and Family Life Survey questioned 5,000 participants about their personal lives, sex lives, income and other factors. Of the 1,534 women with husbands and boyfriends, the lead researcher found that 121 of these women reported always having orgasms during sex, 408 said they "often" had orgasms, 762 "sometimes" had orgasms while 243 had them rarely or never. There was one factor that stood out to be the most influential in achieving the big "O": the income of their partner.

So Real Cougars do you think that younger men sleeping with an older woman with money experience better orgasms as well?  I wouldn't doubt it. Click here to read more on the findings.


2 thoughts on “Orgasms and Money – Is There A Connection?

  1. The article assumes that the wealth of the partner influences a woman's ability to reach orgasm. I suspect it may be the other way around: that wealthy men can be more selective and like most modern men they prefer women who reach orgasm easily and frequently. Likewise women who reach orgasm easily and frequently have a greater number of suitors, and other things being equal are likely to chose the wealthier prospect.
    Medical researchers in Italy recently used ultrasound to prove the existence of the G-spot, and it turns out that three in five women have underdeveloped G-spots and are unlikely to climax during intercourse. Such women are unlikely to climax with any male partner irrespective of his wealth, and are less likely to be chosen by men who can afford to be choosy. The forty percent of women who have well developed G-spots probably can reach orgasm with equal ease irrespective of their partner's wealth, but other things being equal will chose a wealthy partner.

  2. So Real Cougars do you think that younger men sleeping with an older woman with money experience better orgasms as well? I wouldn't doubt it.
    That was the question? I think the answer actually might be maybe. Men and women are different. Men are visually stimulated. Women are attracted to wealthy men, larger men, men of power. It's probably more out of instinct to preserve the species. However I would think that if a male knows what he is doing, she should have one, and if she doesn't he isn't paying attention. It is true women can fake them, men cannot (lol) so who knows for sure. I'm a smaller male, not large, not rich, but I've had a woman or two fight over me in my lifetime. I guess I must have done something right? Maybe it was nothing more than ~~~?

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