“The New Joy of Sex” – Rewritten with a Woman’s Perspective

New joy of sex I am recycling my original blog post about this book because "The New Joy of Sex" is now available here in the U.S.  I am looking forward to reading it because now it is written from the woman's perspective. British sexpert Susan Quilliam added 43 new sections.  Happily the new version won't be glossing over the intricacies of the female anatomy as Dr. Alex Comfort did in the original back in l972.

I think it's important that we reconnect to the joy because we are losing our zest for sex.  According to the Kinsey Institute contemporary women have less sex than their 1950s counterparts because they have so little free time.  

This is what Quilliam has to say. 'I'm glad I'm not ten years younger because there are an awful lot of pressures on young people: to look fabulous; to have a fabulous sex life,' she says. 'We're living in a world where it's important to achieve and whether we have a good sex life has become one of our measures of personal validity. Alex Comfort took the emphasis off achievement – that is one of the many things he got right."

“I think what a lot of the other material out there misses is how powerful sex is; people die for it, literally. One of the ways we've gone wrong in the past is that we haven't recognized its emotional power. Sex isn't a game." 


One thought on ““The New Joy of Sex” – Rewritten with a Woman’s Perspective

  1. Fabulous book! Women don't realize how empowering sex is. I personally am a consultant and I see women everyday overlooking this critical part of their lives. Psychologically and hormonally they don't realize the benefits of a great sex life.

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