Work Over Romance – A Good Choice?

30770816 Real Cougars may make a conscious choice to be single but that's because they realize how important it is to be with the right guy.  It has nothing to do with making work your only focus and kicking romance to the curb.

But, according to an article I read over at Yahoo Shine, some women are deciding to take the focus off of their love lives and place in totally on their professional endeavors strictly because of our unstable economy.  To me that doesn't sound like a wise decision.

Real Cougars know the value of balance in their lives. All work and no play doesn't make us happy and it sure doesn't make our finances any better.  When we are happy with our love life it has a positive effect on everything else we do.  And, feeling good is very important to us. We don't paint ourselves in corners with either/or decisions.  

One of the women quoted in the article said, sometimes you just have to look out for yourself and sacrifices have to be made. It's a part of life right now in this economy." 

What do you think?  Would you give up romance until the economy improves?

2 thoughts on “Work Over Romance – A Good Choice?

  1. No way! I will always have love in my life and no job will ever replace it. Our jobs actually THRIVE when we have love.
    According to several studies done on the function of positive emotion, being in that positive frame of mind, we have the ability to act more effectively in our lives.
    Love is the constellation for the positive emotions of joy, interest, and contentment. Together these four emotions help us aquire skills, boost creativity, enhance intelligence, and egg us on to take action in our jobs.
    So just remember, "love's got everything to do with it" when it comes to being motivated and successful on the job!
    Just make sure you hang on to those relationships and make them the best they can be whatever it takes! In the midst of this financial crisis, take heed Real Cougar Women…it's better to HAVE love, than not to have love at all…cause it's better to have a job, than not to have a job at all!

  2. All I can say is, "You're kidding me!" No way would I stop dating because of the economy!! Besides, I've never had anyone ask me to go dutch! NO WAY ~ my personal life is just as important as my occupation, if not more so! Mary

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