Wynonna Judd Alli Poster Girl

Alli spokesman Is Wynonna the women you would want as the face of your weight loss product?  Well apparently Alli does.  Remember Alli  – the over-the-counter weight-loss product that first hit the stores in 2007?

Judd, 44,certainly hasn't been successful with any of the diets she has tried in the past.  Here's what she says about Alli. "This is about me picking something that I know works for me.  I can still plan [my work] and not feel like Alli is dictating my life as I have in the past on other programs. It fits into my schedule." 

Along with raising her kids Elijah, 14, and Grace, 12, Judd is set to release her new album on Feb. 3 and embark upon a 2009 tour.

"I don't have diet goals," says Judd, who started taking Alli last September. "My goals are to live as happy and healthy as I can."

She also intends to motivate fans. By taking her weight-loss journey public, "people can see themselves in me and say 'You know what? If she can do it, I can do it,' " says Judd.

"I hope people will be inspired by the fact that I've overcome a lot, I'm still here and it's a miracle."

Good luck this time Wynonna!

One thought on “Wynonna Judd Alli Poster Girl

  1. Im starting this product as soon as Im well enough, I came daow with bronchitis and was on antibiotics, I hope I will be well in a matter of days so that I can workout a little and take alli to remind me I cannot eat everything in sight … I need desperatly to know its all about me and to relax and to take it easy … I will not let bad food or bad choices follow me and beat me up like it has been. Thank-You Wynonna for letting me know I have you too on my side 🙂

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