A Real Cougar’s Dream – Sleeping Through The Night

Asleep How many mornings do you wake up more exhausted than when you went to bed?  Every woman I talk to is complaining she isn't getting enough sleep.  It seems falling asleep isn't the problem, but sleeping through the night is almost impossible.  

The National Sleep Foundation reports that sixty percent of American women are not getting enough sleep. Eighty percent of those women say that when the going gets tough and all they want is a nap, they just push on, often downing a cup (or three) of coffee to get through the day. When women finally do get to the end of the day, though, they're not doing the right things to wind down. "According to the poll (which surveyed 1,003 women between the ages of 18 and 64), women spend the last hour before bedtime watching television, doing household chores or working in front of a computer. All of these activities make it harder to fall asleep." Sleep experts recommend dimming lights and avoiding stressful activities, including computers and television, for the last hour before bed.

I tried all those "sleep-better" suggestions but they didn't work for me.  I also tried the OTC sleep remedies, meditating, and reading before bed.  It didn't make a difference.  I was still up at 3:30 almost every night unable to fall back to sleep.  Then I discovered GeneWize Nutritional Supplements and miracle of miracles I am sleeping through the night for the first time in 15 years.

These vitamins are unique because they are custom blended to match your DNA.  When I first heard about them I was skeptical, but now I am a true believer.  Two weeks after I started to take them I noticed I was sleeping better.  So,not only am I providing my body with the proper fuel to run more efficiently, I am getting the bonus of the rest I needed so badly.   

Just wanted to share this good news with you.  There are always answers if you dig deep enough and GeneWize is a win-win product for all you Real Cougars.  If you want to find out more please email me linda@therealcougarwoman.com


3 thoughts on “A Real Cougar’s Dream – Sleeping Through The Night

  1. I stopped worrying about sleep a few years ago…a chronic insomniac, I went through OTC and prescription meds till I decided enough was enough! These days I just go with the flow…if I can't sleep I get up and read, watch telly or exercise. I find that the exercise really keeps my energy level up the next day.
    I restrict my coffee intake to 2 cups in the morning…and if I am tired, I power nap in the day….15 minutes of shut-eye and I'm ready to go again. This worked for me…which doesn't mean it'll work for everyone, so the vitamins sound like a good bet as long as you are waking up refreshed.

  2. Thanks for your reply Linda! Truly amazing that this is custom designed based on ones genetic profile. Will definitely check it out the next time I'm in Florida… especially for the other benefits you mentioned.
    Cheers! Hope You have a wonderful year ahead.

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