Real Cougars Know 2009 Is A Huge Opportunity

Boomer women As the New Year rapidly approaches, most people are really worried about what lies ahead.  It's no secret that 2009 is going to be particularly challenging but, for Real Cougars it will be a huge opportunity.  Why?  Because we are not afraid of change.  When the economy started it's downward spiral we were already thinking of new ways to reinvent ourselves.

Real Cougars know we can not and will not get stuck in the negative.  We've learned from past experience that bad thinking keeps us tied to "what is".  Our goal is to stretch and explore new ground.  We are propelled toward "what's possible".  I guesss some would call that the "dream".

If you are not careful time and circumstances have a way of swallowing up your dreams.  There is nothing worse than that. Without a dream, life is drab, routine and uninspired.  You go through the motions, but don't feel any joy for your effort.  It gets to the point where you feel stuck on automatic pilot - just going along for the ride. 

Real Cougars want to be in the pilot seat.  They want to have the last word on how they live their lives.  Here are a few things we know for sure: 

  • no is not a dirty word
  • you can't change others
  • you learn more from failure than success
  • be sure and leave time for play

I'm no Pollyanna, I'm just a woman who doesn't want fear to rule her life. I am a women who wants to feel joy and passion.  I always want to be the woman who is not afraid to pursue a new dream.  And, with the support of other Real Cougars that's possible.  Remember, each day brings with it the opportunity for a brand new adventure.  Just make sure you are open to receive as it unfolds in front of you.


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