Christmas Miracles Really Do Happen!

Last night I experienced a true Christmas Miracle.  My friend successfully made it through his secondChristmas candles double lung transplant. I have never seen a young man with such a strong will to live.  Twelve hours after the operation he was carrying on a spirited conversation with his ICU nurse.

Robert, is 38 and has cystic fibrosis - but I  choose to think of him as blessed. This sounds strange right?  It's not really.  What I do is focus on his many gifts – not his disease.

Robert is an incredible writer, poet and painter. He has a beautiful and loving wife and the sweetest little girl who will be two in March. His his blessed with amazing parents who have always have been there for him and he has a support network of fabulous friends.  All of us were in the hospital until 2AM this morning - crying, laughing, and celebrating the gifts Robert brings into our lives.

In my opinion, yesterday was a Christmas miracle.  All of our prayers were answered.  And, the amazing surgeon who performed this life-giving operation, is really Robert's  guardian angel dresssed in surgical scrubs.

If you need a little dose of inspiration this holiday season take a moment to read more about Robert's book "Sonnets…Infected Life, Gifted Breath, Death's Defiance" – just click here.

Happy Holidays!


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