Turning Fear Into Opportunity!

Happy womenEver wonder how fear effects our brain?  Probably not.  But Gregory Burns, MD, PhD who directs the department of Neuropolicy at Emory University decided to find out.  Why?  Because he said everybody he knows is scared.  Gregory, welcome to the club. Today's fears are centered around work and everything associated with money.  So, I guess that's almost everything.  We are caught in a spiral where fear is overtaking our brain.  That makes it impossible to concentrate on anything but saving our skin and getting out of this mess intact.  Burns says, "ultimately, no good can come for this type of decision-making".

This is the most severe economic downturn we have ever experienced.  Everything we thought was secure really isn't. So Burns set up an experiment.  He devised a Skinner Box for humans. A Skinner Box is technically a  conditioning chamber — in other words, a cage that automatically trains a laboratory animal to associate flashing lights and levers with rewards and punishments. It doesn’t take long for a rat to figure out which light goes with the shock and which goes with the food pellet. All animals, including we primates, are good at making these associations. Pretty soon, we don’t even need the light — the mere sight of the cage can send some of us into a state of apoplexy.

Okay, I know this is deep and I'm no scientist, but this article in yeserday's Business Section of The New York Times confirmed what I have always known in my gut – fear attracts more fear. Berns says "a few pearls of wisdom have emerged about the fear system of the human brain and how to keep it from short-circuiting sound decision-making".

Right now there are incredible opportunities to do things differently. If you wait for money to start flowing again, the opportunities will have passed.  Listen to the stories from successful people and you will hear they were afraid but did it anyway.  This is something I know for sure – you must take a calculated risk to get ahead. 

If you could use some help to Turn Fear Into Opportunity, The Real Cougar Woman's January TeleWorkshop will show you how to make the shift.  This shift in thinking will change your life.  To read more about it click here.


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