Pyschics The New Investment Advisors

When people get scared they are more likely to run to unconventional sources to find answers about their future. And right now, to say we are treading in unchartered waters is an understatement.Fortune teller

What we thought was secure - isn't anymore.  Our jobs, our homes, our bank accounts, our investments, 401k's, IRA's have all been compromised and we're not sure what's coming next. The government is doing it's best to calm us down, by lending enormous amounts of money to stabilize our economic system.  Hopefully that will ease credit and enable businesses to borrow the money they need to keep their doors open. 

But, nevertheless people are afraid and when they happens they start asking themselves the what if question.  What if I don't have enough to make it through? And, just to illustrate that's what is going on, they are looking for advice from their psychics.

Maria Napoli, a Manhattan astrologer whose clientele includes a growing circle of the rich and famous in the worlds of fashion, art and finance, observed that many of her clients were fretting about a global picture, not just their careers. “They are asking: ‘Where are we headed as a country? Are we entering a depression?’ Mostly they are after a little peace of mind.

“When you don’t know what to expect of a job interview or a business partnership,” said Gita V. Johar, a professor of at the Columbia University Business School, “that is when you’re most likely to turn to a psychic.”

Professor Johar, whose specialty is studying the effects of superstition on consumer behavior, suggested that when your portfolio is shrinking or your business is tanking, talking to a soothsayer may be “one way of feeling in control.” She needed no crystal ball herself to predict that “given the uncertainty of the economy, psychics are going to see an increase in business.”

When I read this story in the New York Times, I found it fascinating, but not surprising.  To read more from the original article click here.


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