Real Cougars Know The Importance of Giving Thanks – Happy Holiday

Thanksgiving  Here we are again.  Tomorrow is the official start of another holiday season.  A time for great food, time spent with family and friends and giving thanks for all our blessings.

This year many of us might have to rethink the way we spend the holidays. This economic downturn has folks fearful of what's coming next?  Loss of jobs, income and security have us on edge. 

It's important that we pay close attention to our thoughts this year so we don't take the joy out of the holidays. Be on the look out for those dreaded SHOULDS.  I should be buying more gifts.  I should be having that big Christmas party.  I should be taking a vacation. Those shoulds do nothing more than add a ton of stress and set us up for a big let down.

So, what are we to do?

..Realistic expectations. Only do what you can comfortably afford.
..Realize spending less money doesn't mean having less fun.
..Reduce stress. Replace shoulds and have to's with I want to's.

Real Cougars are resilient.  We have all been through tough times and come through better for the experience. Look at this holiday season as an opportunity to see the opportunities the coming year will bring.  When you slow down it gives you the perspective needed to focus on what you really want going forward.

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me turn my dreams for The Real Cougar Woman into this amazing journey.


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