Real Cougars Know How To Make The Season Merry!

Beth, our Real Cougar Correspondent has some tips that will help you through this holiday season  Beth new


Once again, it’s that time of year.  Time for corporate parties, dinners with family and friends and wondering if you should include your younger men in the  seasonal fesitivites.  


There are a lot of  different scenarios playing out in your head.  Do I include him, or do I take the chance of hurting his feelings by not inviting him?  Will he fit in?  What can I expect?  How are others going to react?  Even if this not your first time, these gatherings can be challenging if you're not preapred.


Let me share a little advice.  This is my third holiday season with my younger guy and here is conclusion I have come to.  Don't let doubt and fear take away your enjoyment of the season.  Just take control of the situation and do what feels best.  And, what's best will depend upon how serious you are about the relationship. 


Casual Relationship?  Don’t stress it. You're not invested yet so he doesn’t have to know every move you make.  Pick the gatherings you know will work for both of you.  If you're not sure, go solo and have a great time…who knows who else you might meet there!


More serious?  Then a little more thought is necessary.  Decide together how to make arrangements you both are happy with.  Maybe he’s happier staying home.  Or, maybe you’d be happier snuggled up by a fire instead of trying to bridge the generation gap.   Remember, just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to do everthing together.  Pick and choose the things that make both of you happy. 


The most important thing is to keep your holiday joyful  – keep things “merry and bright”.  Don’t let your uncertainty spoil your good times.  You're a Real Cougar so ring the bells, blow the horns, and be proud of the man you’ll be kissing under the mistletow – in private or in full view of all your friends?  Remember, your happiness is your responsbibility - don't let anyone take that gift away from you.


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