Cougars That Are Plus Size Having More Sex

Yes, it's true.  A new study shows that overweight women have more sex than skinny ones. In fact, 92 percent of overweight women have a thriving sex life compared to 87 percent of women who are considerably thinner. Fat illustration

The research is based on data gathered on more than 7,000 women. Experts say women who are feeling a decrease in desire should try more erotic methods of stimulation — like reading trashy romance novels for 20 minutes, three times a week.

"There is nothing sexy about housework or PTA meetings or grocery shopping. If that’s taking up all your thoughts, there is no room to think about sex, no matter what your shape or size," Susan Kellogg, director of sexual medicine at the Pelvic and Sexual Health Institute of Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia. "Weight becomes less of an issue when a woman simply feels better and feels sexy."

There's one thing we Real Cougars always have to remember.  Weight is more of an issue for us than for the men in our lives.  Men love a confident woman. They also love women with some flesh on their bones. So start appreciating your body and I guarantee both of you are going to be smiling a lot more.  


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