Testosterone Patches Jumpstart A Woman’s Libido

Good news for cougars!  A new international study showed testosterone, when used with no other Alluring black woman - jupiter images hormone therapy, is an effective treatment for low libido in postmenopausal women. More than 800 women from 65 centers in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and Sweden participated in the study, the first to show that testosterone administered by a skin patch can boost sex drive in postmenopausal women.

Previous studies have shown testosterone treatment for low libido is beneficial for women undergoing estrogen therapy. However, this study shows testosterone by itself could be a good alternative for women who do not want to take estrogen.

"What we have found is that treatment with a patch delivering 300 micrograms (ug) of testosterone each day results in meaningful improvement in sexual function in postmenopausal women with low libido who are using no other hormone therapy," said Susan Davis, Professor of Women's Health.

Ask you doctor if testosterone can help get your sex drive off the launching pad. 


One thought on “Testosterone Patches Jumpstart A Woman’s Libido

  1. I must have a very forward-thinking OB/GYN. After going through menopause at age 51(I'm currently 56), I had a shocking decrease in libido. I was saddened and concerned, so I spoke with my doctor about it. He was hesitant at first, but with my encouragement, decided to prescribe Testim gel 1% (testosterone gel). Testim comes in a box of 30 tubes. A man will use this amount each month. I used a pea-sized amount daily and it took me almost 4 years to use up the prescription. It worked like magic for me! I also use Estrace vaginal cream (for dryness). My husband and I are happily enjoying our pre-menopausal sex life once again. Don't be shy ladies, TALK to your doctors about this issue!

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