Real Cougars Are Hot Under The Collar!

Here's what's bugging Beth our Real Cougar correspondent.


Beth new I sick and tired of staying quiet when I see over and over again how women over 40 are portrayed.  I'm mad and I'm not going to take it any more! 


I've been reading blogs posted in about cougar women.  The question being put to these guys was are cougars dateable?  I was appalled at the answers.


Per usual the underlying belief is that we are decrepit old women who aren't able to attract any male, so resort to hunting younger men for sex and acceptance.  This tired old rhetoric is the reason I’m so glad to be a Real Cougar Woman and part of this movement, trend, choice whatever you want to call it.


This website, OUR website, is all about change.  It empowers us to act on all the changes going on in our lives including the popular beliefs of who we REALLY are.  In my opinion, that’s one of the biggest challenges for all of us Real Cougar women…changing the misconceived notion of who we are and who we are not.


 First the “we are nots”: 

-We are NOT sex starved felines

-We are NOT decrepit

-We are NOT desperate

-We are NOT out preying on younger men


Now the “we ares”:

            -We ARE sexy, but we decide who, what, where, when And if

            -We ARE powerful, confident, fit and beautiful

            -We ARE in love with our lives  with or without men

            -We ARE being pursued by younger men

            -We ARE everything that many younger men are looking for


So ladies, I’m challenging each of you to take a stand today to change our image.  The first step is to acknowledge how fabulous you are – if you don't already.  The next step is to be.  Be confidence, grace and intelligence.  Be proud of the woman you have become.  Then finally share.  Share what you know with other women so they too can embrace their Real Cougar.


Let’s do what we do best, ladies….ROAR!


3 thoughts on “Real Cougars Are Hot Under The Collar!

  1. As an older cougar-(64 yr. old according to the calendar)I have no idea what 64 feels like. I must tell you that I have never been age appropriate for who I am. As a small business owner in the personal services industry, I love being "on" each day and using all my cougar powers with both men and women. Looking back, I have been a cougar long before it had the name. Living on the outskirts of Dallas Tx. –commonly referred to as the "home of beautiful women"–I adore who I am, being a southern lady, fememine, strong, and with confidence that makes life so much better every day.
    Your emails are a welcome read each and every time, and I get a boost from knowing I am on the right track. And thank goodness it is acceptabe to be me in today's world.
    Being newly divorced, I am back in the "game" and dating younger men. Sorry to say, but the guys in my age group are just way to old, way to many expectations, and can't keep up with me on either a physical or intellectual level.
    Younger men like being with me bacause I treat them well, and I am so past all the drama. They appreciate my openness and the ease I create when I'm with them. All from years of experience. However, I am never to old to learn more, and that is what I gain from your website and blogs. After all, I did grow up with June Clever and Donna Reed.
    ….and what was with the twin beds?
    Regards, Judy

  2. Hi Judy…
    To have comments like yours to post to the site is wonderful. Thanks for roaring! The more positive comments we can put out there to those women exploring what a cougar really is or to everyone else who needs to understand better who we really are, is so important.
    You certainly are learning from the emails and incorporating the Real Cougar Woman…confident, and understanding of who you are and what you want without bowing to popular demand of who they think we should be.

  3. Well hello there my name is Oscar V. and I am 31 yrs old and I have always dated older women for the same reason that I love mature women. Women that like to have fun with no regrets. Women who enjoyed the company of a younger man like myself.

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