Botox Boob Jobs – Bad Idea

Clevage It's poisonous and yet it's heralded as a dermatologist's wonder-drug.  Botox is billed as the cure-all phenomenon and now it's being injected in women's breasts.

"Dermatologist to the Stars," Dr. Patricia Wexler, began offering Botox injections in the breast as a quick-fix for women who want to non-invasively give their breasts a temporary lift.  The procedure requires three injections on each breast and is performed with a needle. Wexler says the effect lasts anywhere between 10 and 12 weeks, though other doctors say it could keep the pec muscle at bay for up to six months. The procedure costs between $1,500 and $2,000 for both breasts."

As you might imagine plastic surgeons seem to wholeheartedly disagree with Wexler, who contends that the Botox boob job "doesn't have the same complications and downside from having a surgical breast lift."

In fact, it seems the idea of using Botox in the plastic surgery community for anything considered "off-label," or not approved by the Food & Drug Administration, is grossly unacceptable. Dr. Anthony Griffin, a prominent Beverly Hills board certified plastic surgeon – who works closely with Allergan, the company that manufactures Botox – fears this procedure could have more just a paralyzing effect on her patients' pecs.

"Here's the other thing we know about Botox: it can drift. It can drift around and very often in the face you end up paralyzing the muscles you don't want to paralyze. I just can't imagine somebody paralyzing my pec," he says."  

I'm in your camp doc.  Botox for breast enhancement - not a smart idea.


One thought on “Botox Boob Jobs – Bad Idea

  1. Why would any woman choose to inject her breasts with botox. It's a known poison. It hasn't been on the market that long to know it's adverse effects. It's a chance that should be thought about extensively before deciding to go that route.

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