Real Cougar Woman “Special Event”

This is an hour you can't afford to miss“How To Manifest What You Need During These Times Mari aha moments of Change” is something we all need to hear in these chaotic days of massive change. On Wednesday, November 12 at 8PM EST, Mariana Cooper (Mari) will be imparting  some very valuable information to all of us.  She has been providing spiritual consultation and intuitive readings to hundreds of clients for over 20 years.   

Mari has targeted her information to meet the needs of The Real Cougar Woman.  All of us gals over 40 are experiencing what I call the “Tsunami of Change”.  And now with everything else going on in the world, those changes are hitting extra hard.  So many of us are living in a state of overwhelm.  We all need a lot of support and guidance to make it through and prosper.

So if you are:

·         feeling particularly stressed and a little powerless to fix the problems you are facing at this time

·         concerned about money and finances going forward

·         thinking about a new job, career or business direction

·         tired of the negative energy that seems to be everywhere

·         wondering if your relationship can sustain this added pressure

                         then you won’t want to miss this special event! 

Join  Mari Cooper and  I on Wednesday Night, November 12th at 8pm sharp eastern!

In This Real Cougar Teleseminar:

  1. We will share an energetic "State of the Union" Address.  Find out what is going on energetically that is causing the turbulence.
  2. We will reveal 3 of the key ways to change – and – how to pave the way to successfully manifest money, resources and answers now.
  3. AND, we will lead you through a channelled Guided Meditation to help  you release fear, tension and bring in the light you need to move ahead powerfully with confidence, peace and positive expectations.

Registration is Required! To Register Now: Please click here.

Space is limited so make sure to register now!  If you are surrounded by others who are stressed out and feeling overwhelmed tell them to jump on the call too! This is one they won't want to miss! 🙂


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