Real Sex For Real Women

Berman - real sex Sex therapist Dr. Laura Berman was on Oprah today having a pretty frank discussion about real sex for real women.  She revealed that discussing sex therapy with Oprah made her realize that it can be a confusing topic for a lot of people. 

On the show today she discussed the three types of orgasms that women can experience. Yes, there are three – clitoral, vaginal and blended.  And it was a eye-opener to hear about the vast numbers of women who have not explored their own bodies and have yet to experience the pleasures of orgasm.

Dr. Berman also showed women a detailed treasure map leading to our G-Spots. The best part of the show was watching Oprah's facial expressions as all this was going on.

So, have you ever wondered if you need a sex therapist?  If you are rarely having sex with your partner or you no longer enjoy sex like you used to, then sex therapy can be a helpful way to rebuild intimacy. Of course, it depends on how good your therapist is in getting to the root of the problem.  There is a laundry list of reasons desire fades.  It could be the medications you are taking.  It could be a drop in your hormone levels.  Or it could be a breakdown of intimacy between you and your partner.  Whatever the reason, sex is too important to ignore.

One thought on “Real Sex For Real Women

  1. I watched the show with my fiance. We found it very imformative.
    Sadly I think there are still women who think that "nice girls" don't talk about their sexual desires, fantasies or needs. Part of being a Cougar means admitting that we are all sexual beings and that expressing that part of ourselves is a GOOD thing!

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