Real Cougars Put Under The Microscope at SheZoom.Com

Last month I was contacted by asking if I wanted to participate in a video they were producing on Cougar Women.  They assured me that their video would take the high road and show all of you fabulous females in a very positive light.  Now, after seeing the final product, I'm happy to say they succeeded.

SheZoom has put together a terrific three-part series called “The Cougar Craze”.  It showcases a discussion on societal factors that make cougars such a controversial topic.  You’ll hear about the challenges that both sexes face and you can decide if we've really overcome the "old double standard". Watch the first installment entitled “What’s in a Name” and see what you think? 

We keep hearing and seeing references to the ‘cougar’ trend throughout pop culture – in movies, on TV and in the gossip pages. Wake up – this is nothing new!” said Stacey Artandi, CEO of “We produced ‘The Cougar Craze’ to reveal people’s true thoughts about what the term means and why we even have one.

For those of you who may not be familiar with SheZoom it’s a  video website that targets women with a diverse range of programming.  It’s an upbeat and engaging community that encourages all of us to  laugh, learn, share and connect.

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