Tea Leoni Getting TLC From Billy Bob Thornton And…..

 Tea Leoni joins Sharon Stone and Jane Fonda on the November 2008 cover of MORE' Magazine's Lmore nov “Breaking the Age Barrier” issue.  As we all have heard by now, Tea announed the breakup of her marriage to David Duchovny last week. But, was the split because of his his sex addiction or could it have been her new friendship with Billy Bob Thornton? 

Billy Bob is denying he's to blame for the breakup and insists he and Tea are just pals.  She recently described him as "maybe my new favorite person in the world".

And, just today another rumor was circulating.  It turns out David may have been involved with something a lot hotter than his computer.  How about a relationship with his 28 year old Hungarian tennis coach?  Whatever it was, the bottom line is the same – another marriage down the drain.

Anyway, here's what Tea has to say about aging gracefully: “My mom bites life in the ass. Aging gracefully to me isn’t about accepting it or doing only a bit of Botox. I think it’s a spark – a way of being.”


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