Madonna Calls Ritchie Out – Is A-Rod Next At Bat?

Madonna's motto "the show must go one".  The same day she announced the end to her seven-and-a-half Madonna240 year marriage she performed her Sticky and Sweet Show in Boston.

The split could end up costing the superstar singer up to half her $520 million fortune.  Sources say the divorce was announced  because the couple couldn't bear to pretend they were happily married a minute longer. 

Reports of trouble in paradise started in July, when Alex Rodriguez 34, was paying Madonna 50, secret late-night visits at her Upper West Side apartment.  It was soon after that Cynthia A-Rod's wife, filed for divorce. She accused him of having an "affair of the heart" with Madonna, and sexual flings with other women.

Apparently "The Cougar and the Yankee"  have talked about taking their relationship to another level by going into business together.  They are both obsessed with fitness and were considering opening a chain of fitness clubs. 

And, I've heard there was no pre-nup.  What were they thinking?


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