The Real Cougar Woman And The Commitment Thing

Beth new

Beth our "cougar corespondent" writes:


I know many of us Real Cougars have already done the commitment thing.  We got married, had a few kids and through all the joys and the heartaches discovered a whole lot about who we are. 


After my 18 year marriage ended, I knew that I never wanted to get married or have any more kids.  But, when I met a wonderful new guy I wondered if I was being fair to him.  Maybe we wanted more than I could offer him.  Not everyone wants what I want.  So, from the get go I was completely up front.


My guy knows marriage and kids are not for me and it seems to be okay with him because we've been together for two amazing years.  Now, don’t get me wrong, Ricky is 27  and if marriage and kids is what he wants that's what he should have.  I can't even imagine what life would be like without my wonderful son.  But, I didn’t make false promises to seal a relationship deal and never would. That feels good because it leaves me guilt free. 


Today, I must admit I have had a slight change of heart about never again getting married, but I’m being honest with him about that too.  I really like having him in my my life, he adds so much. We all need and want love.  I was lucky to have found a man who wanted the same things as I did.  And there are plenty of those guys out there.  I was just true to myself and found the man who fit me perfectly! 


One thought on “The Real Cougar Woman And The Commitment Thing

  1. Well, I could not agree more. After marrying at 18, having three children and divorcing after 24 years, I never thought I would want it again. Then I met him. 16 years younger, but what we have is more than I ever expected or knew was out there. Im rethinking my whole never getting married again. Its only been 7 months, but I can see a future that will be filled with love.

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