Real Cougar Talks About Meeting His Friends

Beth new Friends, can have a big impact on your romantic relationship.  So, you can imagine how nervous you might be when it's time to meet your guys friends for the fist time. I recently talked to Beth my Real Cougar correspondent and here’s what she had to say about the first time she came face-to-face with Ricky’s friends.  Beth is 48 and Ricky is 27. 


My first meeting with Ricky’s friends was actually a piece of cake.  WHEW!   I, being the young at heart woman that I am (and I believe all Real Cougars are), was able to have fun with the “younger crowd”.  Bowling was the perfect venue; it’s a great activity for every age, so it put everyone on common ground. Of course it didn’t hurt that Ricky was constantly talking about how wonderful I was (both before and after I met them) which helped buoy my self-confidence.


We had a blast and I was able to win them over.  Even with the large age gap we could relate on many different levels. After all, they do many of the same things we do and we certainly can connect on what’s going on in the world and the upcoming election.  As a Real Cougar, you don’t have to give up your own ideals and experiences – you just share them in a different way.  It’s funny but now they are coming to me for advice and I love it.


As a Real Cougar we have a lot of power and I think it’s our duty to help shape the future no matter how we do it.  Anyway, I feel very fortunate to have met some wonderful people in all of this. Meeting his younger friends can be exhilarating…it makes me feel like 20 something again.

Bowling…20 dollars, meeting his friends…worth a million dollars, to turn back the hands of time…priceless!


Thanks, Beth


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