Candace Bushnell Loves Being A Real Cougar

Candace BushnettCandace Bushnell, the best selling author of "Sex and the City" loves being a Real Cougar.  In this week's Page Six Magazine she talks about the whirlwind romance with Charles Askegard her ballet dancer husband – 10 years her junior.

Candace say cougar is a derogatory term used to make a woman feel uncomfortable because she’s not keeping up the status quo. When have I kept up the status quo? We fell in love the night we met.” They married three weeks later.

When she started writing the 1996 book that would later become the HBO and movie sensation, Candace says “I was single and in my mid-thirties, and single women in their thirties were considered desperate. But I saw them as less traditional and more adventurous. I was not ready to be married. I waited for the right person, and I encourage other women to do the same. There’s nothing harder than being single. And things are even harder for young women these days.”

Her latest creation, the TV version of Lipstick Jungle on NBC returns to NBC on September 24th.


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