Sarah Palin – Was She The Right Choice?

Sarah palinOn June 9th of this this year I wrote a blog about Governor Sarah Palin.  I did it because she is a woman over 40 who is smart, confident, knows what she wants and how to get it.  She is a wife and a mother and fights for what she believes in. I wondered if being that kind of woman was enough to get her the VP nod.  And, more importantly if called could she pull in the all-important women's vote that McCain so desperately needs. I guess now we're going to find out.

In my opinion, she is not going to win over Hillary Clinton supporters because of her stance on abortion, her membership in the NRA and dah- she's a Republican. It takes more than just being a woman to win over other women.  

Governor Palin is 44 and that's a plus, but her lack of experience doesn't give voters the confidence to believe that she could step in and run the country.  

Let's see what she has to say at the Convention next week.  It's time for our country to have a women in the top job, but is that woman Sarah Palin?


2 thoughts on “Sarah Palin – Was She The Right Choice?

  1. Kudos to you for calling it right. At the time, I thought it was too much of an obvious choice since McCain didn't want a well known GOP candidate to upstage him. Then again, who else was there? Therefore, Palin was a logical choice.
    She may not win over many Hillary supporters, but will win over some. As well as the undecided. I seriously don't think that was why she was picked as a running mate. She was selected to appease evangelicals who think McCain wasn't conservative enough.

  2. Very interesting choice. I think one part of the decision was that the Democratic ticket makes history in that the candidate is different from the usual ethnic stereotype. In this case, the Republican ticket makes history with the first Rep. woman VP, and if they win, it's going to be a lot more difficult for Obama to "pull the race card."

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