Facelifts – Are They Actually Speeding Up The Aging Process?

Some cosmetic surgeons in England may be biting off the hands that feed them.  They are saying that anti-aging cosmetic surgery may be speeding up the aging process.  It's reported that many patients are surprised that the results from their surgery last such a short time.

Dr Michael Prager, a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors, says "four out of five patients I see regret their decision to have anti-aging surgical procedures and come to me for non-surgical solutions. The truth is that you can’t improve the state of healthy skin by cutting it". Imagesplastic surgery

He goes on to say "if you cut through healthy tissue and blood vessels and detach the dermis from the underlying muscle, you inevitably create scar tissue and reduce effective circulation.  Skin that has been operated on becomes thinner, and it’s volume that makes a face look young".

He also believes that liposuction is equally detrimental citing that although you may look good with your clothes on, the skin itself will probably start to look rough, discolored and loose, making it look older than it actually is. Patients will not be able to put weight back on in the areas where the fat cells have been ripped out and this can also leads to unnatural looking lumps, bumps and dents.

Dr. Sam Hamra, a Dallas-based cosmetic surgeon, has said the majority of his work is now corrective work rather than new cosmetic work.

It sure looks like cosmetic surgery is becoming the final option – not the first.  Instead of cutting the doctors are learning that they need to work with the body to maintain youthful good looks not against it.


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