Real Cougar Women Need The Purr-Fect Man

50ish coupleBeing a Real Cougar implies you have taken risks, traveled down many different roads and learned a lot of valuable lessons along the way.   Many of you sensational females have been very successful in business, but not so successful in the love department.  Choosing the Purr-fect man, who not only loves you but supports your business success, can be challenging.

It's important to find someone who understands your career demands and is willing to be your biggest cheerleader. That means a man who is very secure with who he is and what he's doing.  

If you have a demanding power job, the perfect partner would be someone who isn’t the jealous type, and loves you just the way you are. It's s important to share your home with someone who is relaxed and easy going. Two stressed out work-a-holics living in the same space can get pretty tense.  Look for someone who is a good decision maker and can keep a cool head when yours isn't.

If you're just starting to date a new guy pay special attention to how he makes you feel. If you have an uneasy feeling in your gut, pay attention it's probably an early warning sign that there's something wrong.  Also keep your radar tuned to pick up the static of the overly charming to-good-to-be-true guy. They usually have an ulterior motive for being that understanding.  And, always avoid the subject of money until you get to know a new man really well.

To find out if your present or future man is The Purr-Fect Spouse For Success take a moment to take this quiz.

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