Cougars – NYC

This is hot off today's Page Six in The New York Post. There's another reality show in development. This one is called Cougars – NYC. Apparently, this latest titillating production will feature five cougars living and loving in New York City. The focus is on 40 plus single gals who prefer to date guys at least ten years their junior.

So far the producers have picked three of the five ladies for the show. One of the gals is Dawn Ellison who is a member of our Real Cougar Club. So congratulations to you Dawn.Ibeautiful brazilian

There are two more available slots so if you are interested in becoming one of the cougars you are invited to go to the casting call. It's a singles mixer at Libation on Ludlow Street in NYC on August 20th.

Here's what executive producer Elizabeth Mwanga has to say about cougars. "Basically, it's meant to symbolize empowerment." Now that's fine, but then she goes on to say "this isn't just horny older women chasing younger guys it's women who are beautiful, successful and hot, who can get these younger guys because they are hot."

Come on Elizabeth, if you want to empower women please don't refer to them as horny and hot. Please start using words like, strong, confident, independent, sexy and proud to be over 40. That's what we want to hear. It might even entice The Real Cougar Woman to watch the show.

                                            Update 8/7/08

After writing this post I did speak to Elizabeth and she assures me that the show will be promoting all the fabulous qualities of The Real Cougar Woman.  She agrees with me that women over 40 deserve to be represented in a very positive way.    

If you are a woman living in NYC who is in her 50's or 60's and is dating a younger man, in a relationshipship with a younger man or married to a younger man you could be one of the 5 cougars featured on the show. This cougar has to be smart, successful, confident, pretty and  personable.

To find out more information send me an email with a photo telling me why you should be considered for the show.  


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