What Should I Wear To Work?

The rules on what’s considered too feminine to wear to the office are shifting, and it’s about time. At the root of a businesswoman’s wardrobe decisions is the question: How feminine should I be?  I know I struggled with that question for years. Images suit

In the 80’s and 90’s when I was running a trading department on Wall Street the classic outfit was a conservative suit, a blouse with a bow you tied around the neck, and of course stockings.  In other words, your body was kept petty much kept under wraps. 

Like it or not, femininity carries negative stereotypes in the office. “Girly,” “matronly” “cheap” and other adjectives that can water down your professional image.  Can you imagine if the male contingent were put under such a powerful microscope? 

If you are interested in finding out what “the new dress code” is, read this article that appeared in The Wall Street Journal.  How you dress does say a lot about you – like it or not.Boomer woman fashion





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