Suzanne Somers New Stem Cell Collection

Rccsuzanne somers

In September Suzanne Somers will be introducing something brand new – a stem cell collection. No, this is not  her latest jewelry line, she’s really collecting her own stem cells.  Here’s what she has to say about it.  “Stem cell therapy is the most exciting new breakthrough in medicine. It gives me great peace of mind to know that my own stem cells will be banked as bio-insurance for me. Now I am prepared for my future as the beneficiary of medical benefits while I am alive.”

Suzanne has formed an alliance with Neo-Stem a company that has a handful of satellite offices that charge over $6,000 to collect and store your own stem cells.

How does it work? First, patients receive shots of medicine that force their bone marrow to produce more stem cells.  Then these cells are pushed into the blood stream where a special machine siphons them into a bag.  They are then frozen and sent to a special storage tank until you need to use them.

But there is controversy over whether it works. Dr. Larry Goldstein, director of UCSD’s stem cell research program said the process is still experimental. And he said that most of what is known about adult stem cells suggests they are restricted in their ability and that they do not grow very well.

This is definitely the newest wave in cutting-edge medicine.  And, in my opinion, within a very short period of time many of these new procedures will become mainstream.  The future is in personalized medicine and that will benefit all of us.  


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