Real Cougar’s Purr-Fect Shoe

Mariella_1 This might be a great addition to your shoe collection.  How would you like to have a pair of shoes with an adjustable heel?  It’s really two pairs of shoes in one.  You can walk around in comfort all day and then by adjusting the heel be sexy and stylish for the evening.

For the first time ever, CAMiLEON Heels makes it possible to transform a 3 1/4 inch high heel into a stylish l 1/2 inch heel in seconds.  Handmade in Italy, these remarkable shoes give you style, convenience and comfort all in one shoe.Mariella_3

How cool is that? For the price, of one pair of shoes you are essentially getting two pairs. CAMiLEON’s are not inexpensive, but not having to lug another pair of shoes wherever you go, could certainly justify the price. 

To check them out for yourself click here.




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