Real Cougar’s Guide To a PURR-FECT Menopause

It would be nice if there was a one-size-fits-all answer allowing every women to breeze through menopause.  Unfortunately there isn’t!  And, whether you’re 30,40 or 50 there’s going to be changes in your body that you never expected.  Menopause book

If you’re anything like me, when you start to see and feel these changes, you’re going to have a zillion questions.  Is hormone therapy is right for me?  Will my sex drive ever come back?  Why are my belly and waist  getting bigger when I’m eating and exercising the same way? Why is my skin looking dry and sallow? Why am I so cranky?

When my hormones started to rebel, I wasn’t prepared.  I was afraid of getting older and the onset of menopause confirmed I had arrived where I didn’t want to be. That fear, real or imagined, turned my life inside out.  I was only 48 but felt more like 80.

Menopause is a wake up call for your body, mind and spirit.  It’s a journey.  For me the journey had a rocky start but turned into a great adventure.  I made it my business to learn everything I could about the aging process and what I could do to stay ahead of the curve.  This research project took years but  now I have  truckloads of important information every woman needs to know.

The Real Cougar’s Guide to a PURR-FECT Menopause is a small resource guide.  I wrote it because women don’t have enough time to do their own research. So now you’ll have everything you need to know consolidated in a quick, easy-to-read format. Every doctor I interviewed told me they want their patients to do their homework before seeing them.  They want you to ask questions.  You lower your risk of medical error when you are informed.

Here are just of the few topics I cover in the book:

             10 essential questions to ask your doctor
             the truth about hormone therapy an breast cancer
             bioidentical hormones vs synthetics
             the natural approach to menopause

To find out how hormonal hotties are staying cool please click here.


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