Viagara Might Help Sex Drive of Women on Antipressants

Women who are taking antidepressants are finding the drugs are ruining their sex life.  Solutions to this problem have been late in coming.  But now a new study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association has found Viagara might be the answer.  The research involving 98 premenopausal women found Viagra is helping them achieve orgasm more often.Couple in bed

I’m hoping that this Viagara news might be the ray of hope so many women have been looking for. The research was based on an eight-week experiment. The 98 women in the study were using antidepressants successfully but were having sexual problems. Their average age was 37.

As part of the study these women agreed to attempt sexual activity at least once each week. Each time, they took a pill, not knowing whether it was Viagra or a matching dummy pill.

While 72 percent of the women taking Viagra reported improvement on an overall scale, only 27 percent of the women taking the placebo reported improvement.

Psychologist Leonore Tiefer of New York University School of Medicine said industry-funded research has oversimplified women’s sexual experience. She noted the new study, found more side effects than benefits.

If you are a woman concerned because antidepressants are impacting your sex life, taking Viagara might be worth a try.  Check with your doctor.


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