Identify Theft – Are Your Medical Records At Risk?

Medical Identity Theft is on the rise, so I want all you Real Cougars to protect yourself so your’re not the one left crying!Crying

What’s going on?  Some unscrupulous people are taking your name and health insurance without your knowledge or consent.  Then they are getting medical treatment or prescription drugs with your identity.  Of the $2.1 trillion spent on health care each year in this country, as much as $90 billion is lost to fraud. 

How does it happen?  Usually it’s an inside job.  It happens when a worker in a hospital or doctor’s office steals patients’ identities en masse and sells them to criminals who use them obtain payment for fake procedures.  And, in these tough economic times some folks are actually selling their ID’s to these bad guys in exchange for cash.  Hard to believe right?   

How do you protect yourself?  

  • if your health plan gives you an option to monitor your benefits online, sign up
  • if something doesn’t look right, call your insurer right away
  • always read the explanation of benefits your insurance company sends you 

For more detailed information check the Blue Cross Blue Shield website


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