Gyno Med Spa – No I’m Not Kidding

Just when you think you’ve heard it all somebody comes up with a new idea.  Here’s the latest entry in the highly competetive spa business.  A gyno spa – where you go just to pamper your genital area. Where is this bastion of womanhood located?  New York City of course.2KJHCA84IY95CABXRKI3CAS744UVCA0GYOQACASUJTOHCAMS8K44CALIPWXUCAKIQH2ACAAM4RAQCA0MZBIZCA92T89HCA00DBPGCATEJIDPCARXQ0L Yoga Pose

It’s called The Perfect Phit (pelvic health integrated techniques) and its all about helping women get in shape from the inside out.

The spa offers the signature treatment of a $150 gynecological exam to determine whether your pelvic muscle tone is weak, moderate or strong.  Then Dr. Laura Romanzi prescribes vaginal workouts she calls personal training.  This training is designed to improve bladder control and also give the woman the added bonus of more intense orgasms.

Now ,while visiting the spa you, can go one step further and indulge yourself in a pelvic beautification treatment.  With names like  Lazy Susan, Core Restore and my personal favorite Lip Sync, I think you get the picture..  

Dr. Romazi says ” her goal is to teach every women how to properly perform Kegel exercises.  She believes if you have a vagina you need to do these exercises.  It’s the dental floss of feminine fitness”.


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