Cleavage Without Creases

Let’s admit it cougars, we all love to expose a little bit of clevage when it’s appropriate.  It’s fun and it makes us Chest savers before feel flirty and sexy. But, here’s the thing.  Sleeping on our side squishes our breasts together and that creates creases. As our skin’s elasticity starts to break down, the bounce back factor just ain’t what it used to be.

Here’s what one woman did to help solve the problem. One night  she came up with the idea of getting one of her t-back fitness bras and putting it on backwards (t in the front cups in the back).  What this did was to compress the area between her breasts and keep them apart.  And guess what, she said it worked!  She woke up the next morning with hardly any creases.

Chest savers Making your own device can be cheaper but there is a product you can buy called ChestSavers. It separates the breasts, just like the homemade version but, it also creates a suction across the chest, smoothing out the entire area.  The company says “it  promotes deep penetration of moisturizers  resulting in a smoother, younger looking chest and neck.”

If any of you cougars have tried anything like this, let us know if it really works. 


3 thoughts on “Cleavage Without Creases

  1. Yes they work! I have tried all of the ChestSavers products and have been using them for a couple of years and they have done wonders. I had tried other things before to get rid of these wrinkles, including a homemade version I made myself, but nothing has worked like the ChestSavers have.

  2. Growing up in sunshine presented me with this problem in my 30s and I had been battling it for about 12 years until i used the chest saver. I am surprised that they are not more celebrated because I know there are many women with this problem and there is really not much else that can be done about it. believe it or not, the chest saver DOES WORK!!!

  3. Thanks for the article and the posts ladies! i have been using a chestsaver for 2 months with excellent results every morning. i just bought a low cut dress to proudly wear to my husbands Chritmas work party coming up….last year i wore a turtleneck! Sweet victory!

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