The Real Cougar Woman On Fox and Friends

Imagesfox news channel On Saturday morning I was interviewed on Fox and Friends. What a great response I got.  The power of the media is absolutely unbelievable.  Since the show, over 10,000 people have visited this blog.  So I send a big thank you to my new friends at Fox.

And, because of that exposure, so many new  fabulous females have found the  Real Cougar Club.  That’s my social network for women over 40.  Of course, as you might expect, I’ve gotten a lot of requests from guys who want to join too, but right now this membership is for women only.  Thanks guys for your continued interest, I do appreciate it. 

To hear why The Real Cougar movement is gaining a real head of steam, watch the video of the show by clicking here.

To find out how YOU can start Unleashing your Real Cougar Woman click here.


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