Over Forty Fit and Fabulous – Lose 30 Pounds In 90 Days

Lisa crisalle What if you could lose 26% of your body fat and go from 144 pounds to 110 pounds in just 90 days?  Would you be interested in finding out more?

That's what Lisa Crisalle did and she wants to share her secrets with you. Lisa and her husband Lucho have been in the health and fitness business for over 20 years and apparently they really know their stuff.

I spoke to Lisa this week on "Telling It Like It Is" my new audio interview series.  She spoke in-depth about how she lost all the weight and reshaped her body in such a short period of time. It's pretty impressive and more importantly it's done in a completely healthy way.  This program is geared toward you and your lifeststyle – it's not the one-size-fits all approach.       

Lisa has a brand new online program starting in June where she and a group of experts will take you through the same protocol that worked so well for her. 

To hear more about Lisa and her "Over Forty Fit and Fabulous" program, simply click on the arrow button below:


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