Modeling Over 40 – “Telling It Like It Is”

Judy Goss "Telling It Like It Is" is something that comes naturally to me so, that's the name I chose for my new audio interview series.  "Telling It Like It Is" will feature a variety of top-notch professionals who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise to help women.

Providing this service for all the fabulous women who support what I am doing is something I'm really excited about.  Real Cougar Women are strong, confident, sexy and independent, yet never too busy to hear about wonderful new ways to add richness and joy to their daily lives.

The experts I have chosen for this audio collection are eager to share their wisdom.  They can't wait to give you information that will help optimize your  health, beauty, relationships, finances and spirit.

My first interview is with Judy Goss.  For over 20 years Judy has been at the heart of the high-energy, high-paced world of modeling and fashion.  Currently she is the bookings and casting editor with MORE Magazine and was instrumental in selecting the women for their highly acclaimed model search.

Because Judy was a high-fashion model herself she wanted to help other women avoid the pitfalls. In fact, that was the inspiration for her first book "Break Into Modeling For Under $20". In our interview Judy reveals how women over 40 can get into the modeling business and also gives you the agencies that have opened special divisions just for us.

And, as a bonus, Judy talks about her top three beauty secrets. As you can imagine, she has been asked to try hundreds of beauty and skin care products.  To listen, simply click on the arrow button below:

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