Sex And The City Premiere – Real Cougar Fight

Apparently everthing isn’t so lovey dovey with the four Real Cougars of Sex And The City.  At the London premiere of the movie in Leicester Square Miss Cattrall refused to sit through the film with her female co-stars and left to have dinner with Mario Cantone, who plays wedding planner Anthony.

Sexciryfullwi_468x608_2Publicist Ruth Dallatt acknowledged that Miss Cattrall did leave early saying "the reason that Kim and Mario did not watch the film is that they promised their families that they would watch it for the first time together at the premiere in New York."

It appears that Kim is not happy because Sarah Jessica received a larger paycheck for the movie.  But, she’s not the only one to have a problem with the leading lady. Cynthia Nixon could be heard commenting on Miss Parker’s flamboyant Philip Treacy hat. "What was SJP wearing on her head?," she was heard to say.

So, these gals may not be bosom buddies, but who cares.  I am going to enjoy seeing the movie and watch them pretend. After all, isn’t that what Hollywood is all about?


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