Luxury Liner – No It’s Not A Ship, It’s a Revolutionary New Panty

PantyThis spring, OnGossamer set sail on unchartered waters in lingerie design. Introducing the Luxury Liner, a smart, luxurious and hip collection of panties engineered with WICK-STOP™, a patent-pending technology that instantly absorbs wetness, inhibits staining, controls odor and keeps you comfortably dry at all times.

We’ve all had moments when we wish our panties would perform a little bit better in the protection department. Now we can have that peace of mind without giving up style and comfort.

Luxury Liner features technology developed by Emily Beck, an inventor who worked for three years to find a solution to a universal challenge for women. The Luxury Liner works in three ways: by wicking or pulling moisture away from the body, preventing stains from striking through to one’s clothes (think anything tight, white and sheer), and because the liner is black, it hides spotting.

The Luxury Liner sells for about $19.00.  To see the full line visit their website.


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