Happiness: Is It As Simple As Wanting What You Have?

Good_looking_womanWe’ve all heard that happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have. Easier said than done, right? Texas Tech University psychologist Jeff Larsen and Amie McKibban of Wichita State University put it to the test.

Simply having a bunch of things is not the key to happiness," Larsen said. "Our data shows that you also need to appreciate those things you have. It’s also important to keep your desire for things you don’t own in check."

In my opinion this research simply put an academic spin on a spiritual law. Desire is something all humans naturally possess.  We have wants and our desire is the spark of all creation.  But, here’s the million dollar question.  What do we have to do to make our desires become a reality?

Not an easy question to answer but this has been my experience. It’s impossible to create what you want when you’re feeling bad, sad or overwhelmed.   To get what you want, you have to focus on feeling good and hold onto that feeling while you’re waiting for that something to arrive.  Every day feel like it’s already here.

For some unexplained reason we seem to pay more attention to the things we don’t have or don’t want than the things we do.  When I do that all I get is more of the don’t wants popping up in my life.  Not very smart is it?  Imagine a radio that you’ve tuned to 106.7 but you want to hear the music playing on 101.1.  It’s not going to happen. You have to be in tuned into the station that going to play what you want to hear. 

We have to apply the same principle to the things we want.  We have to be tuned into the right frequency.  So now I wake up in the morning imagining I have all the things I want in my life.  That makes me feel happy and I do my best to hold onto that feeling all day.  Happiness is the magnet that draws in more happiness.

So, if you want a new house, picture yourself there, fantasize about it.   See it decorated just the way you want it.  Feel the sun warming your skin as you sit by your fabulous pool. Harness those powerful happiness vibrations because that’s what will turn your dreams into reality.   


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