Breast Biopsy Alternative – Good News For Women

Women go through hell before going for a mammogram.  While waiting to hear the results we can barely breathe.  Up until now, if the test shows you have a lesion on your breast, the next course of action has always been a biopsy.  But that course of treatment may be changing.

Breast_examAfter a six-month study radiologists can, with confidence, recommend a six-month follow-up diagnostic mammogram rather than an immediate biopsy for patients with "probably benign" breast lesions.  This would relieve a woman’s angst of having to go for the the biopsy and also the added medical expenses that pile up very quickly.

"Short-interval follow-up mammograms are done to monitor for changes in ‘probably benign’ breast lesions. But, you do need to be closely monitored for any changes.

In the study 45,007 women were studied.  From that base number 360 women with "probably benign" lesions were diagnosed with breast cancer within six months; and 506 women were diagnosed with cancer within 12 months which is about one in 100 of the "probably benign" lesions). 

Of course decisions about treatment must always be decided by you and your doctor.  I  just want you to have all the information you need to make the most intelligent choice. Never take anything at face value and always get a second opinion.  Do your research and ask lots of questions.  It could save your life.   


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