Niche Dating Increases Your Odds For Success

If you want to increase your odds in the world of online dating, maybe you should take a look at niche dating sites.  According to Hitwise, an analysis company, there are now 1,378 United States dating sites — up from 876 just three years ago.  They estimate 44 percent of these targeted sites.76g0caoleg42cars9orycahpc43dcab73_3

What these niche sites do is match you up with someone who has the same interest that you do.  So, let’s say your passion is golf you will go to a site that attracts other avid golfers.  That would immediately increase your odds for success.

I have two friends who met their now significant others on JDate.  This site specializes in men and women who are Jewish.  One of my friends is 35 the other is 60, so it seems to cater to a broad range of ages.

If you want to read more about this up and coming dating trend click here.  Courtney Sullivan wrote a column about it in Sunday’s New York Times.  Go take a look because it will give you lots of resources plus you’ll get personal stories from the people Courtney interviewed. 

Happy Hunting!

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